Walks of Life

Dear walkers of the Earth

(A short Poem)

We Live, We Love, We Laugh, We Smile.

Our wings we pray will fly each day.

But it’s in our fate, that to fly we must fall.

To swim we must sink.

To live we must be tempted by the devils dare.

Oh his awful snare.

His one wish, His one reply, to cast us out from heavens side.

He plays his games to steal our gaze to try and break the bonds we’ve made.

We fight to fail

He broke the nail.

That held us on, to heavens tail.

He won it would seem, because it’s not a dream.

We’re cast out from the Lord of light.

The lord of Life.

Oh why does he do this to our lives?

but there is a way.

A broken path that once was paved.

God the great unsealed our fate.

He sent his son, the Holy one.

To pay the price, that wasn’t paid.

He lifted lives.

And showed our eyes, how to see when we were blind.

He helped us walk, when we could not.

He was crucified…That’s how he died.

And even then he did not cry.

He was sent from above, only to love.

He is the prince of peace.

The holy one…The only one who can help when there is none.

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