Dear Children of the Future

One day you will face trial, heartache, loss, despair, joy, hope, love, and so much more! The wings of life will fly you from trial to blessing and into the eyes of your dreams and the hearts of your fears. But from a child of the now, and one day of the past, to a child of the future, I say we embrace it all together. We let fear into us and we use the strength of our souls to not defeat it or have it defeat us but to change it into the light and blessings we seek, to the dreams we think upon, and the hope we carry. For I say we convert them into a reality so tangible we can touch them. It will not be those who sit back while the world runs its course who create the pace and place of the future. It will be those who rise up from the dust of their beginnings and find the person they can, will, and were made to become. Those who push their limits to find they have none will be those who steer the world and the people therein to a place that has never been found on a world that has never been made.

Where do I start you ask? Start where the sand meets the sea, start as far away from comfort as you are able. Have courage when light is dim, have kindness when evil is near, and have hope when all seems lost. For it is in those moments when nothing seems possible that He makes it possible. When the way is lost all will be found by those who are looking to find. I am still on the path to a future I see for myself and all whom I know or will one day come to know. There is room for all to walk. And with the strength of the world at our backs nothing will stop us from creating a place of such beauty. The gods will look down and rejoice at our findings of the pieces of heaven they have laid so plainly before us. May you go further than any have gone before, my dear children of the future!

Love, a child of the past

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